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my fine art giclée prints

all original works are created with graphite, watercolour & gouache.
sometimes I use black ink on anatomical illustrations. 

I paint on professional materials made from 100% cotton fibres.

…& always with my dream paint brushes.

the original artwork’s size & materials used will be specified in the product description. 


what is a giclée print?

a giclée (pronounced jhee-clay) print is essentially as fine as it gets when it comes to reproducing fine art.

the term is originally French & refers to the spurt of ink the printing processes uses a microscopic dot pattern. giclée prints are created on gallery-grade materials with archival inks. 

what is the difference between limited & open editions?

it really is simply as it sounds – ‘limited edition’ prints are limited in quantity. an artist will decide how many prints they will make available of an artwork, & once that number of prints has been sold, that’s it. open edition prints on the other hand, can be sold indefinitely; these prints are usually less valuable than limited edition pieces.

why are 'print on demand' artworks so much cheaper?

if you’re looking to spice up your walls you might have noticed there are heaps of fine art prints (from incredible artists!) available for little cost.

essentially- a print on demand artwork has been produced at a large manufacture, had the artist’s signature electronically added, packaged by factory workers & sent directly to you without the artist even laying eyes on your order. & btw, you should carefully research the quality of prints before making a purchase- some print on demand pieces will be giclée, whilst others could be disappointing quality. 

when you order prints from my store, i contact a local, family-run, fine art printing business to help me re-create my paintings. i sign & number all my prints by hand, & of course, package them carefully with a whole lot of love.

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