you might find some pre-painted books in my shop but,

i mostly only paint books when they are ordered.

i’ve listed some of my favourites below. to be honest, i don’t read novels much – i wish i had more time to. 

harry potter

the hunger games

lord of the rings

jane austen

or anything you like...

my hand-painted books

i had seen artists do this & when i found out the medium of choice was watercolour…well, i think i went out & bought a harry potter book set that afternoon. honestly…i don’t think i will run out of things to cover book edges with- magical creatures, plants, artifacts & horcruxes, all things quidditch, hogsmede, hogwarts, everything griffindor, ravenclaw, slytherin & hufflepuff & oh my just all of it. though of course, you can order any book you like- so long as i can find it! 

please know, edge painting is a lengthy process, especially when using watercolour in a layering technique. letting the book completely dry between layers of a painting can sometimes take hours, meaning it often takes me 2-3 days to finish one edge. when a painting is done i let it dry for a further 24 hours before lightly spraying it with varnish & moving the clamps to the next fore-edge.

these collectables are intended to be cherished for hundreds of years & so i do not like to rush my work. i appreciate your patience & understanding of the time these items take to create. 


design your own collectable item


a one-of-a kind treasure…there won’t be another like it

carefully hand-painted collectors items, intended for display use

receive a surprise or help me with the design

comes with certificate of authenticity


please keep out of direct sunlight to preserve colours 

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