i did have this written in third person to seem more professional, but it felt strange-

considering this little space of the internet has just been me & my dog, a lot of late nights & cups of tea that went cold. 


i am completely self-taught in practicing art, & began prioritising creativity in 2022.

before this, my art “practice” was no more than a few graphite sketches a year.

i discovered painting in the last year of my 20’s, & started setting up this space just a few months after buying my first watercolours.

i know that seems excessive & it is (i am*), although even then i was certain-

this is a long-term kinda love.

amidst my art, i have been practicing as a veterinarian for 10 years now.

as much as i love being with animals all day, i decided to change my career & am now near the end of my studies to become a clinical psychologist (for people…not pets…).

alongside finishing my clinical supervision & final exams, i hope to expand this little space of calm on the internet – for all things watercolour & creativity. 

i think my favourite medium will always be watercolour (just like my dear grandad ). i do also love sketching with graphite, handmade ceramics & journal binding.


although i have not dedicated my art practice a full-time career,

it really has become a full-time way of being & seeing the world around me.

i have found so much calm in creativity.

i wish i’d found it sooner.

i’m still in awe

pondering my paintings

decorating mood on your walls.

i’ve been so busy

with the left side of my brain-

i never thought i could end up here.


it is such a privilege to share my art with you-

♡ i hope you can find some peace in my work 

all paintings, books &  ceramics are brought to life in my little studio, qld, australia.
all paintings are created with watercolour & gouache, printed with archival inks on canson photographique cotton rag 310gsm- gallery-quality prints designed to last.
all my ceramics are made by hand- no moulds & no wheel. everything is fired twice at a local pottery studio...until i sell enough art to buy my own kiln, of course. 
my paint brushes are handmade in germany- professional quality brushes & synthetic brush hairs with outstanding water & pigment holding capacity. the best part? no animal involvement <3
my art notes can help you organise your studio, keepsake colour mixes, plan pieces & prompt reflection. i am so excited to share these with you! they really have helped me progress & also, they look cute. 

before you go...

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