my handmade ceramics

although primarily a watercolourist, i love being able to share my favourite hand-built ceramics on this space- 

visit my shop to see them <3. 

what arrives at your door will be slightly different to the product photographs, as all pieces in my ceramic collections are handmade each with their own quirks.

  after hours, collective days, scrolling & scrolling- searching for a paint palette that was ‘just right’ -diaries of a control-freak- i decided to start making my own. a few snowballs later, here we are… my collection of arty ceramics from me to you & your spaces.   

i’m certain these handmade treasures will make your art studio (however seemingly small) a whole lot more special <3

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what is so special about handmade ceramics?


why are some ceramic pieces more expensive than others?


what if my piece arrives broken?

i offer a 100% safe delivery guarantee to australian & new zealand for ceramic pieces. see terms & conditions for more. 

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