although primarily a watercolourist, i love being able to share my favourite hand-built ceramics on this space- 

visit my shop to see them <3. 

what arrives at your door will be slightly different to the product photographs, as all pieces in my ceramic collection are especially made for your order.


 you can learn more about my collections by clicking them above, or, browse all my work in one scroll when you visit my shop.

paint palettes

perfect for watercolour, gouache & acrylic mediums, washable & cute on your desk. you can browse the shop or design your own. 

a huggy mug

perfect for your coffee, tea, cocoa, juice, wine, water, whatever you like- just a hug in a mug.

studio trinkets

a studio can always do with yet another ceramic treasure- for your brushes, pens, paint-water or maybe a home for a plant.

aroma essentials 

set your space & alight your favourite aromas in something special. incense, oils or scented candles- i got you. 

my handmade ceramics

these clay treasures came long after my love for this medium…sundays on the wheel & local wine in ceramic mugs. one day i’m hoping for many wheels, in a teaching studio with high ceilings & windows to the trees…that’s the dream. for now… i’m so grateful my new-found love for hand-building makes my little wheel-less studio perfect.  after hours, collective days, scrolling & scrolling, searching for a palette that was ‘just right’ -diaries of a control-freak- i decided to start making my own. a few snowballs later, here we are… my collection of arty ceramics from me to you & your spaces.   i’m certain these handmade treasures will make your art studio (however seemingly small) a whole lot more special <3​

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