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light language

a collection of airy female portraits painted with layers upon layers of beautiful watercolour. calming tones & moody vibes for your walls ♡


a collection of female portraits hidden beneath layers of make-up, ruffle collars, lace & hats with pom poms.


a collection of ....


a collection of all paintings foodwatercolour paintings perfect for your kitchen, dining room decor, or to set the vibe of your cafe.


a collection of scientifically correct, anatomical diagrams created with black ink & watercolours on sepia-toned backgrounds.


a collection of paintings i've done that don't belong anywhere else

my fine art prints

all original paintings are created with watercolour & gouache mediums,

you can often see some graphite drawing underneath- i like how it looks.


i paint on 300gsm professional-grade watercolour paper,

made either from wood grains or 100% cotton,

usually cold pressed, sometimes hot pressed…

& always with my dream paint brushes.


the original artwork’s size & materials used will be specified in the product description.



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