honestly, these are the best brushes i‘ve used…

amazing pigment & water holding capacity, perfect for watercolour & gouache.


detailing brush for fine lines & script. perfect when you need to paint a long fine line without stopping. 


round brushes really are a watercolour artists' staple- i think. these brushes are perfect for all of it- small washes, defined brush strokes & fine lines.


i love mop brushes so much & use them for everythinggg! also they look so lovely. these are typically perfect for washes & some defined brush strokes.


perfect for backgrounds, washes & covering large areas.

my paint brushes

all original paintings are created with watercolour & gouache mediums,

you can often see some pencil drawing underneath…i like it that way.

i usually paint on professional-grade watercolour paper made from 100% cotton,

& always with my dream paint brushes.


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they make make painting feel even more lovely-

i didn’t think that was possible…

the best bit? animals don’t need to be involved.

brush hairs are vegan &​

wood is sourced from controlled & sustainable forestry. 

handmade in germany, truly exquisite craftsmanship.


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