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artist journals & general day-to-day life journals, goal planning & more 

painting notes

start your own painting reference journal! my painting notes can help you learn some basic art theory, practice techniques, plan pieces, prompt reflection & keep track of the brushes & pigments in your studio. 

pottery notes

start your own ceramics reference journal! my pottery notes can help you learn some basic art theory, plan pieces, create templates, prompt reflection & keep track of the glazes & test tiles in your studio. 

dream notes

thought i may as well share my daily/weekly/monthly keep-my-head-together notes. there's some other classics too- smart goals, to-do lists & project planners. each pdf includes a dot page for quick sketches on the go. 

my journal templates

a few clicks &

the rest really is up to you.

print on whatever paper you like,

however big you like,

as many times as you like-

my painting notes are perfect for watercolour & gouache,

my two favourite mediums. 

but, they’d also be great for oils, acrylics, coloured pencils, pastels, whatever you like!

plan pieces,

practice colour theory, techniques & gradient washes,

learn about the pigments in your studio & the brushes you have at hand,

keep track of your progress,

& reflect on your work.

i wish i’d done it sooner- since starting a painting journal i have honestly learned so much about art theories & my style as an artist,

plus i just love have a cute little reference book & compilation of my journey learning watercolour. 

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